Louth Navigation Trust Calendar


Wed 11th December 2019   6th LNRP meeting 2pm
Mid Jan 2020   Work commences on Keddington Lock
Saturday 29th February 2020   Leap Year Dracula
Sunday 19th April 2020   Louth Wildlife Watch 2pm Keith Palmer RS
20th May 2020   250 years since Navigation opened
Tuesday 26th May 2020 Walks Week Canal and Blow wells
Thursday 28th May 2020   Canal and Alvingham
29th May 2020   100 years since Louth flood
Saturday 30th May 2020   Louth Canal Walk
Sunday 7th June 2020   Boules
Wednesday 17th June 2020   AGM Speaker
Sunday 28th June 2020   Culture at the Canal
Friday 3rd July 2020   Boules
September/October 2020   Exhibition at Louth Museum "Title needed"
Sunday 6th September 2020   'Big Sky' Cantata= Riverhead Theatre
W/E 12-13th September 2020   Canal@250 Festival
Sunday 13th September 2020   Cleethorpes MBA Regatta 11am-2pm